We are following all protocols recommended by the CDC.  Numerous sanitizing stations are available throughout the building. Employees are required to wear masks but not requiring or enforcing the public to wear masks while skating.  The CDC does not recommend wearing masks while exercising.  Every other snack bar table is marked off to keep the recommended 6 ft. distance. This is a learning curve for everyone and is subject to change. 






Every Saturday

 12:15 – 12:45  pm


(includes quad skate rental and session after lesson)

Christian Music Skate

Monday November 15th 

6:30 – 8:30pm

$5.50 Admission

Food Fun & Games

We have the largest hardwood floor in central Pennsylvania, 16,200 square foot rotunda actually, a custom designed professional sound and light system, arcade games with many offering tickets that you can cash in for snacks and other items, affordable food in our snack bar with plenty of seating, and if you don’t have skates don’t worry we offer quad and inline rentals in nearly every size. We do private parties for special occasions and birthday parties. We have an artistic, speed skating, and roller derby team for those that want to sharpen their skills and compete. No matter your age or interest there is something here for you so come join us and have a blast.



Skate Shop and Snack bar

Our snack bar features seating for 152 people.
Pepsi products and Slushies to drink
Low prices on favorites such as Potato Chips, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Pretzels, Candy and Nachos
Whether you are purchasing new skates or your current skates are in need of repair, Our full service Pro Shop can assist you with all your skating needs.

Fast turnaround times on repairs.
Most orders filled in a week.
Get the proper size skate for your feet
We sell and service Inline and Quad skates
We carry all major brands including Riedell, Atom, Bont, Luigino, Edea, Bones, Hyper, Vanilla, Douglas Snyder, S.P~Teri, Harlick, Pacer, and Many more.




 Public Skating Hours

Monday 11/15
6:30 - 8:30 $5.50 Special Christian Music Session
Wednesday 10/20
1:00pm - 3:00 * $6.00 Special Home School Session
7 - 9 pm $5.50*
7:30 - 9:30 pm $6.50 Admission*
1  – 3 pm $6.50, 7 - 9 pm $6.50 Admission*
1 - 3 pm $6.50 Admission*
*Skate Rental is not included with Admission  Quad Skates are $2 and Inline Skates are $3 Parents that are not skating do not pay admission