Snack Bar / Pro Shop

Our snack bar features seating for 152 people.

Pepsi products and Slushies to drink

Low prices on favorites such as  Potato Chips, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Pretzels, Candy and Nachos



Whether you are purchasing new skates or your current skates are in need of repair, Our full service Pro Shop can assist you with all your skating needs.

Fast turnaround times on repairs.

Most orders filled in a week.

Get the proper size skate for your feet

We sell and service Inline and Quad skates

We carry all major brands including Riedell, Atom, Matter, Bont, Luigino, Edea, Bones, Hyper, Vanilla, Douglas Snyder, S.P~Teri, Harlick, Pacer, and Many more.